Welcome to Nerdy Sermons

My  name is Xavier King. I am unapologetically a Christian but also a unapologetically a nerd as well. Now there’s a lot that goes into that idea. I love Attack on Titans, Fairy Tail, and Cosmos. Although, I have to admit Neil Degrasse Tyson and Seth MacFarlane are heavy atheist. I have a theory on atheism that will be on another post but for the science I actually like that sort of thing.

This blog and hopefully soon to be podcast and website is here because I think there’s a bit of a lost voice in Christian talk and discussions. That demographic that isn’t touched too often. I remember when I went to Yasumicon, an anime convention, and I struck up a conversation with Demetrius T Veasy II, the creator of the comic Lions 12. We talked about how TBN skips an entire age group of people. They sort of fixed that with JCTV but not quite. The age group they skip actually are teenagers. His action packed fun yet religious comic still speaks to me this day.

The sermons and musings that are to come will mostly be oddball things but everything will have a nerdy twist or an open question I hope to have answered by you all. I want to challenge the youth and the young at heart to be the man or woman that God has created you to be. We are all growing. We are all learning. But when Jesus comes back I just want to make sure you all are ready.

So get your bible, your comics, your Netflix, and Shonen Jumps ready. We are going to go on a great adventure you and I.

Welcome to Nerdy Sermons