Knitting – Psalm 34:14

Psalm 34:14 Turn from evil and do good; seek peace and pursue it. (NIV)

yoite[1]God’s peace, beyond a shadow of a doubt is the goal many of us tries to attain. Sometimes it comes to easy to us and sometimes we must fight for it. External wars fought between men and women and internal wars that are fought through the heart and mind are in constant motion. There are many cartoons and animes that came to mind with this scripture but the one that shined the brightest in my mind was Nabari No Ou and the villain Yoite.Yoite was a villain that had the power of Kira. He was able to use Ki to attack other people. Although it was one of the most powerful of ninja arts it takes a toll on the body and mind. With issues with his family of having a father that didn’t love him and the people around him only thinking of him as a weapon or a trash. His adversary Miharu carried the power of the Shinra Banshou within him. The Shinra Banshou grants the wish of the owner whatever it maybe. Yoite’s wish was to die and be forgotten. His life was in so much turmoil with the constant battle with family and fellow ninjas that he thought the only way to find peace was to die. But just like the scripture above Psalms 34:13, he first turned away from evil and began to do good by deciding to stop fighting and with his enemy turned friend he was able to do so. Makes you realize that God sometimes sends people to aide you in your battles. You can’t always fight the good fight alone. We all need help even to find inner peace. With the help of Miharu and his friends he was able to help Yoite find peace. As his body deteriorated he was soon unable to walk but he had people that tended to him after he turned to good. He found people that loved him unconditionally. Even though he lived a life that brought terror and fear to those in the ninja world. His wish still came true however as he asked Miharu to bring him his favorite tea he passed away doing his favorite pastime, knitting. We all have demons. We all have trials we need to face and overcome. Those trials may keep us up at night. Our current and previous deeds may make us feel that we may never find the peace we may so desire. I declare that if you pray for peace and willing to take that step of faith your peace will come. God will grant you the peace you have been searching for. Get your life in order. Get your affairs in order. It maybe a slow process but the day will come when you have reached that place, just like Yoite, where you will find peace.

Heavenly Father, I thank you that you have given me a path to follow that I may find peace. I am thankful that you have blessed me with peace that transcends all understanding. Father, I promise to turn away from the bad deeds that I have done and is currently doing. I desire that peace. Please let your Holy Spirit come and grant me everlasting peace. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.

Knitting – Psalm 34:14

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