First Families – Genesis 2:4 – 4:15

Fantastic Four
Fantastic Four

The first family of the comics has a new movie coming out this weekend. The first family of comics was none other than the Fantastic Four. Yes, they weren’t the traditional family of husband, wife, and two kids but they are a family nonetheless. Created by the writer Stan Lee and the Artist Jack Kirby. They debuted in Fantastic Four #1 in 1961. The family consisted of Reed Richards (Mr. Fantastic), Susan Richards (The Invisible Woman), Johnny Storm (The Human Torch), and Benjamin Grimm (The Thing).

They gained their powers from cosmic radiation that they received from a failed interstellar mission. Reed Richards wanted to be the first to achieve interstellar flight. However the government was pulling funding from the project. He talked his best friend, Benjamin, to pilot the ship that he created and was joined by his fiancee Susan and her brother Johnny to join them on the groundbreaking space mission. However, the shielding of the ship was not strong enough, as Benjamin warned Reed, and the spaceship crashed. When they landed they found themselves with super powers. Reed Richards was able to stretch like elastic, Susan can become invincible and create force fields, Johnny can fly and turn into flames without burning himself, and Benjamin became a stone goliath. Together they fight the perils of the Marvel Universe but their main villain is Dr. Victor Von Doom, evil scientist, sorcerer, and leader of the fictional country of Latveria.

All families have their ups and downs and the first one was no exception…

The first family of the bible started with the first husband and wife, Adam and Eve (Gen. 2:20-25). They lived in paradise in the Garden of Eden but they disobeyed God’s rule that of all the food they could eat their they could not eat from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. (Gen 3:1-7) They were banished from paradise and sent to live outside. The man carried the curse of death (Gen 3:19) and the woman carried the curse of pain from childbirth and the forced dominion from her husband. (Gen 3:16) I find it crazy how the first family of the world didn’t listen to the warnings of God and we all inherit sin and death because of it. The Fantastic Four didn’t listen to the warnings of Benjamin Grimm and somehow became superheroes.

A family isn’t fully a family without children and the first family had two sons, Cain and Abel. (Gen 4:1-2) Cain and Abel shown the first example of sibling rivalry and also started showing the theme that the first born son isn’t always the favored one. This is shown through the various of tales following such heroes as Joseph and Moses, two that weren’t the eldest but were chosen by God to do great things. Cain cared for the land as a gardener while Abel was the shepherd. Cain gave offerings to God of fruits but Abel he gave offerings to God of fat portions of the firstborn flock and God favored the offerings of Abel more. (Gen 4:2-5) The created some jealousy and in Cain’s anger he killed his brother. (Gen 4:6-8) He was later punished by being driven out from the land he knew and being marked so that even he wanted someone to kill him they never would and he would be out from the Lord’s presence. (Gen 9:9-15)

The story of the first family was a pretty terrible state of affairs but there’s so much we can learn. We gain lessons from the folly of disobedience and jealousy. We learn that there are always consequences for our actions no matter how major or minor they may seem. We also learn that we can not let jealousy get the best of us. If we learn that we can be great heroes like the Fantastic Four not just for ourselves but for our families as well. Both families suffered follies but the first families broke grounds as well. Adam’s family for being the first that taught us life lessons that we can follow and observe and for Reed’s family for also showing us that even though we fall we make the best of what we have in our given situation.

Heavenly Father, I thank you that you have given us scripture on the first family. The first family as well as our own shows us that no family is perfect. I know that if I keep focusing on You and make sure my family does the same we should be okay. I have faith that you will keep our family and guide us just as you tried to guide the first family in the right direction before. In Jesus Name, Amen.

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First Families – Genesis 2:4 – 4:15

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