The Triforce (Power, Wisdom, and Courage)

The Triforce(Power, Wisdom, and Courage)
The Triforce (Power, Wisdom, and Courage)

I am a huge Legend of Zelda fan. I believe that series is the main seller of every console that Nintendo has and will have to offer in the future. Yet when I think about it an idea comes to mind that mind sound a little crazy at first but follow me and you will see it makes perfect sense.

In The Legend of Zelda there are three triangles of legend that the game shows that many people covet for many reasons. Those triangles are called the Triforce. Each one represents a strong character and strengthens the user. Our maiden in distress Princess Zelda usually carries with her the Triforce of Wisdom. Although her wisdom is questionable, because she kept getting captured, she the wisest of the land. The Triforce of Power usually falls in the hands of the villain of the story, Ganon. He captures Zelda so he can have control of the Triforce of Wisdom. Luckily, the Triforce of Courage is in the hands of the hero of the tale Link. When their powers combine they can grant any wish. Continue reading “The Triforce (Power, Wisdom, and Courage)”

The Triforce (Power, Wisdom, and Courage)